Renowned through the Tri-State area for their colossal soaring vocals, ruthless resonance, galvanizing double lead guitars, and dynamic live performances, Somerville’s muscular sound hits like a punch to the diaphragm, chock-full of sizzling sonic oomph.” - Randall Radic

With “Eruption” and “You Really Got Me,” Somerville provides an appetizer for their forthcoming debut EP, Shooting to the Top, set to release soon. If Somerville’s original music is only half as potent as “Eruption/You Really Got Me,” fans are in for a listening experience so buff it hurts.” - Randall Radic

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I WANNA ROCK! Music-news recently had the chance to sit down and chat with the incredibly talented rock band Somerville who just put out their fantastic mash-up of two epic songs; "Eruption" by Van Halen and "You Really Got Me" by The Kinks. We learned more about the band, their inspirations, and their future plans.”

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